Russian festivals Prizewinners.

First world festival of
Circus arts


    Golden Bear

  • "New Russians", teeterboards, direction of
         S. Zakharov.
  •     Silver Bear

  • Trained dogs, direction of P. Prostetsov.
  • "Record-holders equilibrists on perches", direction of . Saratch.
  • Aerial Flight, direction of . Zaitsev.
  • Juggler N. Gerasimov.
  •     Bronze Bear

  • Equilibrist S. Druzina.

  • First All-Russia festival - competition
    of Circus arts


        Golden Troyka

  • Jugglers on Hourses and trained Monkeys,
         . and E. Zapashny.
  • Juggle and Hula Hoops on Hourse, I. and  R. Sadoev.
  •     Silver Troyka

  • Pair Equilibre R. Rasulov and . Tabieva.
  • "Aerial kaleidoscope", direction of S. Korolev.
  • Contortion "Pearl", K. Kireeva.
  • "Comic Illusion", . Emelin and S. Zagorsky.
  •     Bronze Troyka

  • "Aerial Flight" direction of N. Kramarenko.
  • Clowns F. Toptchiy and S. Kluev.
  • "The Monkeys Joke", direction of . Breda.
  • "Miracle of Princess", direction of . Gareginyan.
  • "Acrobats on Perches", direction of Y. Sliptchenko.

  • Second All-Russia festival - competition
    of Circus arts


        Golden Troyka

  • Aerial Gymnasts . Goryacheva and S. Volkov.
  • "Trained Monkeys", direction of F. Yakubov.
  •     Silver Troyka

  • Acrobats "Gavrosh and his Friends", . Butova, . Hotim,
  • Weight-lifting juggler V. Russo.
  •     Bronze Troyka

  • "Clown-aristocrat" P. Ivanov.
  • "Corde Parielle" with dog, I. Mayorova, . Vorobyova, . Kalatchov.
  • Hourses Ballet "Post", direction of Y. Ermolaev.
  • Acrobats on Perches, direction of G. Hatchatryan.
  • Atraction "Trained Lions", direction of I. Zabelkina
         and V. Kanbegov.
  • Gymnast on Belts N. Danilov.
  • Eccentric with Ledder, U. Novruzov.