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Устраивает ли Вас функционал магазина

Full services on the organization of experts examinations and realization of technical development of the circus equipment and circus safety props.

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Designing of a technological embedded fittings for installation circus equipment at height and on a floor of various buildings.

5000.00 rub.

Rent high-speed circus winches

7500.00 rub.

Разработка и проектирования цирковых аппаратов и сценического оборудования на основании ТЗ и/или технических требований заказчика.

10000.00 rub.

Appraisal engineer's expertise of circus props. Drawing up of technical projects, development of design documents and drawings for circus equipment and performers flight systems by individual orders.
Specified below cost is cost of one working hour by one engineer.

20000.00 rub.

Technical survey of circus hall and stage equipment.

100000.00 rub.

Examination of condition of a technological embedded fittings for stationary circuses and a chapiteau (Big Top).

150000.00 rub.